Helping Vets! You can do it!

There is a great program that provides nutritious meals to our Homeless and Hungry Vets, with YOUR help!

These generous sponsors provide these meals according to the number of clicks per day. The more clicks, the more meals provided. To date, more than 275,000 meals have been provided to our needy Vets.

It’s getting cool outside. This promises to be a long hard winter nationwide. Please help every day by clicking on this link.


Helping Homeless and Hungry Vets One Meal at a Time

Times are tough for everyone, but even moreso for our Homeless and Hungry Vets who are not getting the support they were promised from the VA.

We have literally tens of thousands of Vets living on the streets going hungry. That is a travesty.

You can help! Generous sponsors have teamed with the Veterans Site to help provide meals to these Vets based on the number of clicks per day. The more clicks, the more meals provided. Over 275,000 meals have been provided to these needy heroes.

Winter is coming. These Vets are going to need nutritious meals more.

Do your part. It’s free to you. It’s easy. Clicking takes all of about 3 seconds.


The Special Men Who Guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

For over fifty years, an elite group of specially trained U.S. Army soldiers have meticulously guarded the Tomb of the Unknowns — an elaborate sarcophagus monument dedicated to four unidentifiable soldiers who died in World Wars I & II and the Vietnam War.



Where do Our Values Lie?

This is taken from Tim Wilson’s Facebook page 

Today a funeral was held for a young black man that was tragically killed. Minutes before he was shot by a police officer with a perfect record he robbed a convenience store and roughed up the manager. The young man also tested positive to pot in his bloodstream. The rest of this is yet to be determined due the ongoing investigation.

The problem I have with this is that this tragic death is that its been the top news story for weeks. The young man that for sure robbed a store and attacked it’s manager is been made into a heroic victim and martyr before the full story is revealed. His funeral today was attended by political leaders, famous entertainers and thousands of people that paid homage and respects to him. The event was televised on national TV on almost every channel.

The most troubling thing to me is that a United States Marine from Wilmington named Sgt. Arron Torian was recently killed defending this country. He had a perfect record and spent many years of his life rising to the rank of Sergeant. While his family, friends and fellow Marines paid their respects, there were no stars of entertainment or national public figures or national coverage at his funeral. No pictures of him lining the streets of Wilmington and no protesting the Islamic fanatics that killed him. Just those that truly loved him.

What we do know…minutes before he died, Michael Brown was robbing a store and beating up a clerk. Minutes before Arron Torian died he was defending his country. One got a national heroes funeral and the other did not. This experience tells a lot about the integrity of those public figures, stars and news media. I makes me wonder where our values and have gone.

Thank You Sgt. Arron Torian and all those Marines that I have died for this many times ungrateful nation.


LIVE UPDATES: Fort Lee issues ‘all clear’ after soldier shoots herself

It’s a shame that the mental help that is available to our Soldiers is less than adequate. They should be receiving top-notch medical help in all areas.

Fort Lee Gate

FORT LEE, Va. — Fort Lee, an Army post in Central Virginia, was on lockdown Monday morning after officials say a female solider shot herself.

Officials said that first responders were dispatched to a report of a female soldier with a gun inside the Combined Arms Support Command Headquarters (Bldg. 5020) at 9 a.m.

That’s where the soldier reportedly turned the weapon on herself and fired one shot.

VCU Medical Center staffers confirmed that one patient from the Army post had arrived at the Richmond hospital. There has been no word on the soldier’s condition.

“Special Agents from the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command are on scene and investigating the incident,” read a post on Fort Lee’s Facebook page.

News of the incident was first posted on social media.

“Active shooter incident reported at CASCOM HQ, Bldg. 5020,” stated a tweet sent out from the post around 9:30 a.m. “All personnel…

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Illinois creates foundation to help veterans | St. Louis

Supporters say having a non-profit foundation –rather than the state — oversee the network will provide more flexibility in raising and distributing funds. It also will allow the group to hire an executive director who’s not a political appointee.

via Illinois creates foundation to help veterans | St. Louis.

Breaking News 8/2/2014

Joe Geoghagan Is A 31 Year Old Veteran And He’s Begging The VA Not To Let Him Starve To Death | Right Wing News

Joe is a true American HERO. “He did 3 tours in Iraq and Afghan”. While he is suffering at the hands of our inept govey, illegals are getting better treatment than Joe. Joe fought for us, I will fight for him. Again, please share, this man needs our help.


Joe Geoghagan Is A 31 Year Old Veteran And He’s Begging The VA Not To Let Him Starve To Death | Right Wing News.


Guarding the Honored Unknowns | The Veterans Site Blog

Being a guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is an honor that is a life style commitment far beyond the mettle it takes to be a Marine.

We thank all the young men who guard this tomb every minute of every day.

Guarding the Honored Unknowns | The Veterans Site Blog.


What The VA Leader Says He Needs To Provide Healthcare To Vets Like These Guys Is A Real Head-Shaker

What the VA needs is reform and leadership, not more money. The VA’s budget has increased by 173% since 2000 which is more than the growth in VA patients. It needs to have more authority to hold its employees accountable for their actions. Before we throw more money at the VA, we should demand better results and real reform from that agency.

via What The VA Leader Says He Needs To Provide Healthcare To Vets Like These Guys Is A Real Head-Shaker.