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Rules for Homeowners Taken Too Far

Imagine, decorating your yard for Summer, 4th of July, or just to be patriotic and being told that you can’t fly the American flag.  Well, you can, but only if it is the sort of flag allowed.

Vietnam Veteran, Larry Murphree, was told that he was not flying his flag properly and will have to remove it.

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Obama to Hear About VA Scandal

Obama should be getting updates on the VA scandal today.

Read more from ABC here:  Obama to Hear Updates on Veterans’ Affairs Problems

The Meaning of Sacrifice?

I don’t think, when submariner Matthew Hindes volunteered to sacrificed for his country, this is what he had in mind.

A Michigan judge has ordered that Hindes show up in court or lose custody of his daughter.  This normally, would not be an issue.  But currently, Hindes is on a submarine somewhere in the Pacific.

Stories like these are what motivate us at AmMo-PAC to take action.

We are (Am)erican (Mo)thers, and we are on a mission.

Whether it is the selling out of our children and their future, the abandonment of our veterans after risking their lives both at home and abroad, or the erosion of our most basic rights as human beings, America is now under attack. This land of liberty has been remade into something else entirely and we here at AmMoPAC come together as one to say, “NO MORE!”

Our mission is to protect:

From the Bill of Rights to our bodies to our own backyards, our right to live our lives as we see fit, according to what is best for us and for OUR families is slowly dying. From our right to protect our lives, families, and property as ensured by the Second Amendment, or our right to decide for ourselves what we put into our bodies, government and special interest groups have for far too long been allowed to trample those rights. We will no longer stand for this. We will fight repressive policy, and we will expose those men and women who support such policy.

We protect our children, because that is our job. We will not stand idly by as bureaucrats and collectivists work side by side to destroy the concepts of identity, personal morality and beliefs, independence, self-reliance, and self-worth in our children. We will not allow power-hungry politicians to use our children as data-collection portals. We will fight destructive and intrusive policy, and we will expose those men and women who support such policy.

Our veterans are our parents, our grandparents, our sons, our daughters, our brothers and our sisters, our aunts and our uncles. Our veterans stood up and answered a call; they readied themselves and did what was asked of them, sacrificing more than most of us could fathom. They signed a contract promising to do this, and in return were promised just compensation that included healthcare and pay, and with them respect and dignity. BUT our veterans are being abandoned, and because their contractor is also their arbiter, they have virtually no recourse.
We protect our veterans, because they protected us. We support a strong military, one that protects America and is given what they are promised. We do not support unnecessary use of our military around the world that risks lives and keeps families apart. We will fight to keep our men and women in uniform home whenever possible, cared for and protected when not possible, and honored when they are through. We will fight policy that abandons our veterans, and we will expose the men and women who support such policy.

We are AmMoPAC, and this is our mission.


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